Dr. Ngo is incredibly knowledgeable, and really cares about his patients

– Joel A.

Dr. Ngo is the best doctor I’ve ever had. Extremely knowledgeable on everything including the leading edge treatments & medicines. Recommended to 10+ people already.

– Kevin G.

Excellent opportunity to have met with Dr. NGO and his terrific staff. Quality of care and detailed information delivered in a comfortable setting.

– Tony H.

Dr. Ngo has been my primary care physician for many years. He promotes “health”, not “healthcare”. An important distinction. Mind, body, soul… thanks Dr Ngo.

– Nick S.

Dr. Ngo has been my doctor for years. He is very understanding. He listens to you and answers your questions. I highly recommend Dr NGO

– Sepi A.

Dr. Ngo is doing a lot of things right. The way I am able to make an appointment, my follow ups, and pretty much every interaction I have with Dr Ngo is set up to make my busy life easier.

– David H.

Dr. Ngo is the most amazing physician. He is a breath of fresh air in a world made up of medical professionals with no bedside manners. Dr. Ngo has changed my life. I will forever be grateful for him. I continue to keep him as my physician and strongly recommend him to everyone!

– Christa M.

Dr. Ngo and I have have built a working relationship which has lasted for nearly a decade. Today, the Bay is not my primary residence, but I still make the effort to see Dr. Ngo monthly, and he goes out of his way to accommodate my schedule. While I still see a bulge-bracket-hospital-financed Doc on the rare occasion that I need to, I see Dr. Ngo monthly in order to receive trusted advice rooted in something other than the standard, Western medical care which tends to focus on treating sickness. Dr. Ngo and I focus on managing my wellness.

Over the years this has taken many forms, from mental health, to diet & supplements, to Meyer’s cocktails, to PRP. While this may paint the picture of a generalist, Dr. Ngo has referred me to other doctors on several occasions where my concerns have drifted out of his areas of expertise. Point being, he knows how to help when he can, and where to send you when he believes that other experts can be more helpful.

Dr. Ngo’s office is also a welcome departure from the antiseptic-scented waiting rooms of places like the establishments on Castro and Webster. Having a reliable partner for your health, one who is not constrained by the confines of Western medicine, is sound peace of mind for those with busy, travel-filled schedules such as mine. If you are considering a visit, I encourage you to have a visit.

– Phil B.

I have had a good experience with Dr Ngo. I have lost the weight I needed help to lose and I feel great. I feel like he cares about my progress!

– Melissa G.

Suddenly after having my other Dr. for about 12 years , I received a notice , he had to stop practice , due to an unforeseen issue . Then I slowly realized I had a problem with the medications I had been taking , for about the past 10 years . Every Dr. I reached out to , for help & guidance , either treated me like a “leaper” or couldn’t see me for 45 – 60 days . Then a friend shared Dr. Ngo’s info. with me . It takes me an hour & a half to 2 hours , from where I reside to his office . The first time was quite an adventure and took most of the day . However after our first time meeting , I realized how fortunate I was to have him on my team . He is an answered prayer . I look forward each time I get to go see him & enjoy my time with him , very much . He is thoughtful , caring , honest , genuinely concerned , & generous . I would truly recommend Dr. Ngo , to anyone , he’s the “Best” ! John M. P.S. On a scale of 1 – 10 , he is a 12 !

– John M.

Dr. Vinh has been my primary caregiver for a number of years now. I have never had a better experience with a doctor. His integrative family practice makes you feel comfortable. After My appointments I often leave enlightened with extra knowledge on how I can improve my health. I work as a Landscaper and carpenter and his knowledge of sports medicine has helped me a lot. He is conveniently located a couple blocks from Bart,  and the time’s I had to drive to my appoint I could find street parking on the block no problem.

– Graham G.

Dr. Ngo and Leila are incredible. They are knowledgeable, accommodating, and take a good care of me. If you want to feel better about yourself, look no further 🙂 You have found the right place!

– Ria O.